Quino (Joaquín Salvador Lavado) is a master of the comic strip. In ten years he drew Mafalda, he developed a drawing style and a master narrative hard to overcome. Quino is mainly an observer of his time and human nature. In its 44 years of been professional, he made a critical analysis of the world he lives in and through their stories and characters of everything good and bad that people have. Within its long production of humor Quino demonstrates a boundless imagination and a sense of humor that borders on the absurd and surreal.

Here are some famous quotes by Latin American artist:

Ernesto Sabato, Argentine writer:
"Great Quino, creator of beings who travel the world because they are universal like all that is profoundly human".

Mercedes Sosa, Argentine singer:
"Was a story that more represent us".

Hugo Diaz, Costa Rican cartoonist:
"It has always been very encouraging to hear that girl beautifully drawn, denounce a social reality in Argentina and also in Latin American.
Is a spontaneous philosophy of every child who by the very fact of his childhood, is sincere and not judgemental. I started to read it in the 70's and I fully identified".

Umberto Eco, Italian writter:
"Mafalda's universe is a Latin America with metropolitan areas. Is a heroine of our time and we should not think that this is an exaggerated definition for small character ink and paper that proposed Quino".