The comic on dates

From 1962 to 2005 the most relevant and detail information of how this comic was created.

  • The cartoon was created for the first time in 1962 as a part of publicity campaign, but it wasnt published.

  • In 1964 short comics were published on "Leoplan`s Magazine". In september 29 of that year got formally published on "Primera Plana" newspaper.

  • January 1965 Felipe`s character was created. Mafalda`s cartoon went to "El mundo" neswspaper. On the same year, Manolitos`s and Susanita`s characters were also created.

  • 1966 Miguelito´s character appeared for the first time and Mafalda`s first book was published, and 5000 copies were sold.

  • 1967 "Así es la cosa, Mafalda" book was published . The first two books of Mafalda sold 130000 copies.

  • June 1968, the cartoon passed to "Siete Días Ilustrados" magazine. That year Guille`s character appeared. "Mafalda 3" and "Mafalda 4" books were published too, and in Italy was published "Mafalda la contestaria" edited by Umberto Eco.

  • 1969, the fifth Mafalda`s book is published.

  • 1970, Libertad's character is created. Debut "Mafalda 6". In Franco's era in Spain, the book was supoosed to come out with a warning censored "Adults Only" .

  • 1971, the comic is published in different language. Debut "Mafalda 7".

  • 1972, debut "Mafalda 8".

  • 1973 The cartoon appears for the last time on June 29. The ninth book of the character was published. Mafalda appears in some short films.

  • 1974 "Mafalda 10" is published.

  • 1979 Appears in Italy "Tuttamafalda".

  • 1981 Premier of the movie "Mafalda".

  • 1985 The Cuban filmmaker Juan Pedrón begins to produce his "Quinoscopios".

  • 1989 "Mafalda" book appears unprecedented in celebration of 25 years of the comic. It sold 130000 copies.

  • 1992 In Spain is published "Toda Mafalda", "All Mafalda", a compilation of ten years of comics, which adds unpublished materials.

  • 1993 "Toda Mafalda", "All Mafalda" is published in Argentina. Mafalda has been translated into 26 languages and is estimated at 20 million copies sold only in Argentina.

  • 2004: Opens in Milan (Italy) the exhibition "On the Road with Mafalda" commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first publication of the character in Argentina. In July, Ediciones de la Flor published his new book "¡Que presente impresentable!". In August, in Buenos Aires, opens the exhibition "Quino, 50 years," celebrating 50 years since the publication of his first humorous drawings in the magazine "Esto es" ,"This Is." The exhibition then moved to Córdoba and Mar del Plata. In November Éditions Glénat (France) organized in Paris, a tribute to Quino accompanied by an exhibition of drawings by his French colleagues who entertain Mafalda, and launches the book "A présent unpresentable". On November 17, is declared "Illustrious Citizen of Buenos Aires".

  • 2005: The exhibition "On the Road with Mafalda" is presented in Rome, Naples, Zagarolo (Roma), Voghera (Pavia), Jesolo (Venezia), Bologna and Barcelona. The exhibition "50 Years Quino" continues its roaming Argentina at Rosario, Casilda, Mendoza and San Rafael.