Mafalda and the World...

The most important message in the cartoon is to care about the world. Mafalda is always concerned about the issues that affect daily life. The cartoon challenges and strongly criticizes important topics such as war, poverty, justice, human rights, pollution, and the economy..

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Quino's work tries to portray the human condition of the world and the sarcastic way the characters visualize the interesting aspects of poverty, such as that the misery of the human condition has barely changed since our earliest childhood. The cartoon shows a world that lacks solidarity and humanism, often in a very rude way, with the clear intention to make the reader consider the real situation for a moment.
Through the innocence of a bunch of kids, Quino was able to satirize and criticize certain aspects of the political movement of Argentina in those days.
Mafalda constantly made snide remarks about politicians, the government, democracy, freedom of expression, and other issues that impacted Argentinian society and real life in Latin America.


War and Human Rights

Mafalda is a great advocate of peace and human rights and is repulsed by war. During that time, the world was in the middle of the Vietnam War, which was a huge headache for our little friend. She always sought a positive change in the world, placing justice and liberty above everything else.